Taking advantage of Telemedicine and understanding its benefits

Feeling under the weather and need to see a doctor? You now have a choice of going for an in person visit or seeing a doctor virtually.  While telemedicine has been around for many years, it  recently became more widely used by physicians.

The technology is now more user friendly, and patients are more accepting and comfortable with new ways of doing things. As both patients and providers continue to consider safer and more convenient ways of interacting and administering healthcare, telemedicine is being integrated into more medical practices. 

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine utilizes technology via electronic communication systems and software to provide clinical services to patients, removing the immediate need for an in person visit. Telemedicine can be accessed through many different platforms depending on the service provider. Most service providers offer telemedicine access through mobile apps, an online platform or a video virtual visit. Although the term telehealth is sometimes used interchangeably with telemedicine, there is a difference between the two. Telehealth refers to the broader scope of all remote healthcare services that telemedicine falls under. 

Provider Benefits

All areas of health care services have adopted telemedicine to deliver patient care more efficiently. There are technologies that integrate very well with telemedicine such as electronic medical records and documents, medical streaming devices, and artificial intelligence diagnosis. These technologies provide healthcare professionals access to the information they need to help make a diagnosis and provide a treatment plan. The increase in efficiency through telemedicine allows providers to see more patients and helps to decrease waiting times. In some instances, healthcare providers can increase the number of patients being seen without having to hire more staff or increase office space, which also helps the bottom-line – lowering costs, while maintaining or increasing services. 

Patient Benefits

One major benefit of telemedicine for patients is increased access to healthcare. For people with limited access due to a variety of reasons, they can now see a healthcare professional from the comfort of their home. Individuals with limited access to transportation or mobility issues no longer need to forgo going to see a doctor or care provider. Telemedicine provides an option that removes the challenge of physically getting to a doctor’s office. Telemedicine also reduces the time it takes to get an appointment to see a doctor; it significantly decreases wait times, and virtual medical appointments eliminate the issue of having to find childcare. Beyond the list of benefits and conveniences already discussed, telemedicine increases the safety for both patients and healthcare professionals. Virtual medical visits help reduce the spread of disease. If an individual has a contagious illness or is immune compromised, they no longer have to leave their home and sit in a crowded waiting room where they have more exposure to germs. 

As our population continues to age, Adobe Care & Wellness has witnessed many of the benefits telemedicine offers the at-risk 65 plus community. Data driven solutions and smart-tech will be pivotal in how healthcare is provided in our future and will lead the charge in helping to overcome health care challenges. At Adobe Care & Wellness we are committed to developing new tools and providing services and resources to close the gaps and make healthcare more accessible – Telemedicine is one of many valuable tools we use.  Learn more about our services and please contact us with any questions.